DecoCoat is a independent and innovative top quality paintshop for the European bike industry. All types of decals can be applied in combination with twocomponent paints, waterborne lacquers and powder coatings, depending on the product. Our customers are high demanding consumers and brandowners ordering custom products, sample productions as well as small and medium scale serie production. Most of their products are bikes or bike components, but sometimes also other high quality sporting & consumer goods.


DecoCoat distinguishes itself in the market by:
  • maintaining its own lacquer standard for high quality;
  • paying as much attention to decorating/decalling as to the (powder)coating itself;
  • using high-quality decals in small series and unique productions too;
  • providing a huge variety of possibilities when it comes to wetpaints and powdercoats;
  • offering unique, decorative specials such as 3D, matte / gloss effects in finishing and
    applying glow-in-the-dark and other special lacquers;
  • providing a one-shop solutions for painting, powdercoating and the design and production
    of (water)decals.