technieken laksystemen


DecoCoat uses different techniques. Depending on material and specifications, we choose the technique that ensures the perfect result.


Roughly speaking, we use 3 techniques:

  • Lacquering with 2 component lacquer system
  • Powder coating with wet-paint systems
  • Decorating


Lacquering with 2-component lacquer system

DecoCoat has extensive experience in lacquering carbon framesets with 2-component lacquer systems. The raw carbon frame is sanded and straightened. Then the lacquer system is applied. Often multi-layer, starting with a primer and one or more layers of basecoat.


For decoration, (water) decals are applied and finally a matt or gloss clearcoat. (Water) decals can also be applied to the clearcoat for special effects.

Powder coating with wet-paint systems

For steel and aluminium, DecoCoat applies a high-quality, multilayer powder coating/wet-coating system. This belongs to the top of the market. After pre-treatment, a powder primer is applied and a water-based wet paint as colour.


Usually, (water) decals are then applied and we finish with a transparent, glossy or matt powder coating.


DecoCoat is a sister company of Posterama, an industrial screen printing company that makes the best decals in the market. DecoCoat provides decals that best fit material and end-product specifications.


DecoCoat ensures the right synchronisation with the screen printing company, relieving you of any worries in this respect as well. This is how we achieve the perfect result.

DecoCoat's favourite decals

- NWD water decals that are applied under transparent and matt lacquers.
- 3D decals, which are applied underneath the primer or colour coating, creating relief on the semi-finished product.
Posterama has a wide variety of decals. 

- TOP decals: water decals that are permanently enamelled onto the paint. This also makes matt/gloss effects possible.

Posterama has a wide variety of decals. Check out their collection for the bicycle industry.