About us

DecoCoat has been the innovative and quality-conscious painter and decorator for the bicycle industry since 2016.

DecoCoat unburdens

We unburden our customers by delivering a guaranteed good end product. Our clients are mainly European bicycle manufacturers, but also manufacturers of high-quality sports articles, such as hockey sticks and skates.

Born from a need

From our sister company Posterama, we discovered the need for a specialised paint shop that masters both painting and decorating to perfection.

Efficient execution

DecoCoat was set up to serve those brands that do not have their own paint shop. Or are too big to carry out small, special orders efficiently.

What makes DecoCoat unique?

- We pay as much attention to decorating as to coating or powder coating.
- We use our own coating standard to deliver a high-quality and durable product as standard.
- Our production process also lends itself to small series of high-quality decorations.
- We offer an enormous variety of options when it comes to wet coating and powder coating.
- We offer unique, decorative lacquers, such as 3D and glow-in-the-dark lacquers and lacquers with matt and gloss effects.
- We unburden you by delivering a guaranteed good end product.