DecoCoat unburdens manufacturers with the decoration and lacquering of semi-finished products. We do this for the European bicycle industry, but also for the high-quality sports articles industry.


Using innovative techniques, we ensure a durable, high-quality end product.

Material determines the process

We work with 2-component paint, water-based paint and/or powder coating depending on the material. Carbon gets a multi-layer 2K system and aluminium and steel get at least one layer of powder coating.

Affordable due to high efficiency

DecoCoat specialises in decorating smaller to medium-sized series of semi-finished products, each in its own way. This remains affordable thanks to an innovative and highly efficient processing process.


The result is a wide variety of end products. With their own look and feel for each target group.

Our techniques

DecoCoat works with different techniques. Based on material and product specifications, we choose the technique that guarantees the perfect result. We work with the following techniques:

  1. varnishing with 2-component paint systems;
  2. powder coating (in several layers), possibly combined with a water-based wet-paint system;
  3. decorating with the best decals on the market.

Here you will find more about the techniques offered by DecoCoat.